Lovedean Karate Club.


On Saturday 18th March Lovedean Karate Club attended the Shotokan of England Karate Union annual championships in Portsmouth. With a mixture of both adult and juniors (youngest winner 8yrs old), with some in only their first karat competition Lovedean Karate Club came away wit 19 medals. This was a great performance all round in a significant year as the club this month is celebrating it’s 35th anniversary. Since starting the club in 1982 this has to be one of the biggest medal hauls in the club’s long history. WELL DONE ONE AND ALL.

On Friday 10th February LKC saw the visit of SEKU Chief Instructor Mick Dewey sensei 8th Dan. Sensei put the class through a thought provokoing version of kata before overseeing this years first colour belt grading class. I am pleased to announce that ALL students successfully passed to progress to the next level. Sensei will be returning to the club in May for another class and grading.



Our final event for 2016 was a club meeting followed by the presentation for Student -of-the-Year. The meeting covered a variety of topics including a review of 2016 and a clear direction for 2017. The Student -of-the-Year is an award voted by the students themselves with no influence from myself (chief instructor). this has got to be one of the most prestigous awards as it is in recognition of the winning student's progress throughout the year. The unanimous winner for 2016 was Cameron Smith. His progress, work rate and overall improvement during 2016 now recognised by the membership of LKC. Congratulations Cameron, very well deserved.

October has been a busy month for LKC. OnSunday 16th October SEKU held the final Black and Brown Belt course of the year.Several of our senior student trained hard for the 3 classes with Cameron Smith returning for the Black Belt Grading post class. I am very pleased to announce that after a few months of gruelling preparation training Cameron was successfull in gaining his black belt. Welcome to the big class, a deserving promotion in joining his father in the dan grade ranks. Congratulations.

Mick Dewey sensei attended the club for our next kyu grading of 2016. After a training session sensei put the students thro' their respective grading syllabus with great success for all. Friday 8th April saw a visit from Mick Dewey sensei, 8th Dan visit the dojo for our first 2016 grading. I am pleased to yet again that LKC training methods, hard work from the students resulted in all students passing their examination to our usual high standards. Well done all, training now starts for the next one.

It has been a quite start to the year for LKC. Training has been good with ecxcellent progress across all grades. On 20th Marck SEKU held it's annual championships. Competing is this type of event is not for all and to that effect LKC only had 3 entrants. Russell Morris came away with a bronze medal, a good performance fist time out. More to follow i am sure. The Pereria brothers, Aaran and Christian unfortunatley were both defeated in the elimination rounds by eventual finalists. The standard of the day was excellent with experience and knowledge gained for future progress.


Lovedean Karate club are pleased to annouce that we are sponsoring a Guide Dog towards its training. Felix is a black Labrador who when fully trained will be able to help an individual in a manner in which only these unique animals can.

On Saturday 11th July Brian Smith sensei, Elliott Smith. Steve Pereira and Aaran Pereira travelled to Plymouth to train on the SEKU Black and Brown Belt Course. Sunday morning meant up earl for a 10:00 am start. Classes were 3x 1hr covering basics, advanced kata and kumite, followed black belt gradings. LKC is pleased to announce that Aaran Pereira successfully passed his Shodan grading, a welcome and well deserved addition to the black belt class. Congratulations .

The Shotokan of England Karate Union's chief instructor Mick Dewey sensei visited the club on Monday 1st June for a training session followed by a kyu grade (colour belt) grading. The class was enjoyed by all including myself and i am pleased to say the grading was again a resounding success. Sensei himself was pleased with both the training workrate and effort along with the grading standard.


As in previous years The Shotokan of England Karate Union held it's annual championships at The Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth on Saturday 21st March 2015. The first event was team kata.Black Belts Elliott Smith and Claire Lacey were joined by Aaran Pereira in winning 3rd place.An exeptional performance after only 1 class of practice. Justin Balwin performed well in the Sambon Kumite (3 step) section reaching the semi final taking 3rd place. The brown belt section was as difficult as in previous years. Aaran Pereira reached the kata final to perform kata Jion and win our 3rd bronze position of the day. In the kumite Aaran was determined to do better.On reaching the final Aaran's performance exceeded his experience only to be caught by one of the best techniques of the day winning 2nd place. Elliott Smith reached his first adult final since leaving the junior ranks. His performance of Gankaku earnt him another bronze position despite overcoming some competitors senior in both rank and experience. Overall despite the championship having smaller than usual entrant level, the quality of performances was excellent with all LKC members winners and losers representing the club in a positive manner.

Well done and congralulations.

On Sunday 8th February 7 members of LKC braved the cold English weather to cross the Solent for our first Black and Brown Belt Course of the year. The class was divided into three sections led by Brian Smith sensei with senior senseis Dewey and O'donnell watching from the sidelines. Class content included kicking techniques under Mark Elliott sensei (5th dan), Kata Empi with Brian Smith sensei and finally some finer points of jyu ippon under Terry Oliver sensei (5th Dan). A good well structured class with plenty to think about and practice back at the dojo.

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of Dave Hinks sensei over the new year period. Dave sensei was my first instructor in 1974 and responsible for pointing my karate career in the right direction. Despite losing touch in more recent times, Dave remained to me an inspiration, respected man, friend and karateka. Rest peacefully Dave.